Samuel Ferguson

gigatos | March 2, 2022


In 1848 Ferguson married Mary Catherine Guinness (1823-1905), the third cousin of Arthur Guinness and eldest daughter of Robert Rundell Guinness.” At the time he was defending the young Irelander poet Richard Dalton Williams. Samuel Ferguson retired from the bar in 1867, when he was appointed first deputy curator of the public records of Ireland.

After the publication of Ferguson”s collection of poems, Lays of the Western Gael, in 1865, he was awarded an honoris causa by Trinity. He wrote many of his poems with Irish and English translations and received a knighthood in 1878.

In 1882 Samuel Ferguson was elected president of the Royal Irish Academy, an organization dedicated to the advancement of science, literature, and archaeological research. His home on North Great George Street in Dublin was open to anyone interested in art, literature, antiquities or music.

Samuel Ferguson died on August 9, 1886, at Hout and was buried at Donegor in County Antrim, Ireland.


  1. Фергюсон, Сэмюэл
  2. Samuel Ferguson
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