Agrippina the Younger

Rom Agrippina Minor.

Iulia Agrippina, often called Agrippina the Younger to distinguish her from her mother, was a daughter of Germanicus and the elder Agrippina and thus a member of the Julio-Claudian dynasty.

Manchu people

Aguda, Kaiser Taizu von Jurchen Jin.

The Manchus are an ethnic minority in China that originated in what is now northeastern Manchuria.


Anu-Ziggurat und Weißer Tempel in Uruk.

A ziggurat or ziggurat is a Mesopotamian religious building with steps also present in Elam, consisting of several terraces probably supporting a temple built at its top.


Hipparchos 1.

Hipparchus of Nicea was an ancient Greek astronomer, mechanic, geographer, and mathematician of the second century BC.

Bourbon Restoration in France

Flagge von Frankreich.

The Restoration, a chrononym that became common in the years 1814-1815, is the period of French history corresponding to the restoration of the monarchy as a political regime in France, or more precisely in what remained of the Napoleonic Empire.

Crimean Khanate

Flagge des Krim-Khanats.

Crimean Khanate, self-name – Ulug Horde ve Desht-i Kipchak, in European geography and historiography of modern times – Minor Tatars) – the state in the Crimea, Northern Black Sea coast and adjacent territories, appeared in the Crimean ulus as a result of the collapse of the Golden Horde and existed from 1441 to 1783 years.

Achaemenid Empire

Flagge von Persien.

The Achaemenids were a dynasty of kings who founded and ruled the first of the Persian empires to rule over much of the Middle East during the first millennium BC.


Eugène Delacroix - Lycurgus berät die Pythia - Google Art Project.

Pythia was the name of the oracle priestesses of Delphi in ancient Greece.

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