Antiochus IV Epiphanes

Altes Museum - Berlin - Deutschland.

Antiochus IV Epiphanes was a Macedonian-born Syrian king of the Seleucid dynasty, son of Antiochus III the Great, who reigned in Syria from 175-164 BC.


Hipparchos 1.

Hipparchus of Nicea was an ancient Greek astronomer, mechanic, geographer, and mathematician of the second century BC.

Harald Hardrada

Münze von Harald III.

Harald Hardrada, Harald Sigurdsson or Harald III was king of Norway from 1046 to his death.

Gunnar Hámundarson

Gunnar trifft seine zukünftige Frau Hallgerðr Höskuldsdóttir im Alþingi.

Gunnar the son of Hamund, or Gunnar of the End of the Slope, is an Icelandic heuvding, one of the main characters in the Njala Saga, who is also mentioned in other “tribal sagas.

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