Coco Chanel

Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, 1920.

Gabrielle Chanel, known artistically as Coco Chanel, was a French haute couture designer and founder of the Chanel brand.

Battle of the Trebia

Denkmal der Schlacht an der Trebbia, das einen der karthagischen Elefanten darstellt, Rivalta Trebbia, Italien.

The Battle of Trebia took place on December 18, 218 B.C., near the banks of the Trebia River, in the Italian province of Emilia, in which the Roman general Tiberius Sempronio Longo was defeated by the Carthaginian army commanded by Hannibal, in one of the most important warlike successes of the Punic Wars where Romans and Carthaginians clashed.

Battle of Lake Trasimene

The Gaul Ducar beheads the Roman general Flaminius in the Battle of Lake Trasimeno.

The Battle of Trasimeno was one of the major war clashes of the Second Punic War, and was fought on the morning of June 21, 217 BC.

Battle of the Philippine Sea

Schlacht auf den Philippinen: Der japanische Flugzeugträger Zuikaku und die Zerstörer Akizuki und Wakatsuki manövrieren, während sie von den Vereinigten Staaten angegriffen werden.

The Battle of the Philippine Sea was a naval air battle that took place during the Pacific Campaign of World War II, pitting the Imperial Japanese Navy and the United States Navy in the Philippine Sea, near the Mariana Islands, between June 19 and 20, 1944, during the occupation by U.S. troops of the island of Saipan to later invade the island of Tinian, two Northern Mariana Islands.

Henry Purcell

Porträt von Henry Purcell.

Henry Purcell was an English composer, the greatest representative of early English Baroque.

Battle of Actium

Castro Schlacht von Actium.

The Battle of Actium was a naval confrontation between Octavian on one side and Mark Antony and Cleopatra’s navy on the other, which took place at Actium, just outside the present-day city of Preveza.

Battle of Tsushima

Admiral Tōgō Heihachirō auf der Brücke des Schlachtschiffs Mikasa.

Tsushima Sea Battle – the naval battle of May 14 – May 15, 1905 near Tsushima Island, in which the Russian 2nd squadron of the Pacific Fleet, commanded by Vice-Admiral Z. Z.

Battle of San Jacinto

Die Schlacht von San Jacinto.

The Battle of San Jacinto, was fought on April 21, 1836, present day Harris County, Texas, was the decisive battle of the Texas Revolution.

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