Han Chinese

Chinesischer Mann und Dame in Hanfu.

The Han are the majority ethnic group in China-the largest ethnic group in the world by number of individuals-and make up about 92 percent of China’s population and 20.52 percent of the world’s entire population.

Manchu people

Aguda, Kaiser Taizu von Jurchen Jin.

The Manchus are an ethnic minority in China that originated in what is now northeastern Manchuria.

Xia dynasty

Vorgeschlagener Standort der Xia-Dynastie.

The Xia dynasty finds its source in Chinese historiography, in particular the Classic of Documents.

Spring and Autumn period

Späte Frühlings- und Herbstperiode, 5. Jahrhundert v. Chr., vor dem Zerfall der Jin und dem Einzug der Qin in Sichuan.

The Spring and Autumn period or Chunqiu period designates, in Chinese history, the first part of the Eastern Zhou dynasty, i.e. a period going from about 771 to 481


Darstellung eines Sarmaten aus einem römischen Sarkophag, zweites Jahrhundert nach Christus.

The Sarmatians were an ancient people consisting of nomadic Iranian-speaking tribes from the 4th century BC.

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