Albert Camus

gigatos | November 9, 2021


Literary inspiration

The Stranger inspires Kamel Daoud with his novel Meursault, contre-enquête (Actes Sud, 2014), offering the point of view of the brother of “the Arab,” killed by Meursault. According to his first editor, Kamel Daoud “deliberately confuses Meursault and Camus. In places, he subtly diverts passages from The Stranger.”. The book won the François-Mauriac prize in 2014, and the prize of the five continents of the Francophonie. The following year, it won the Goncourt Prize for first novel 2015.

In February 2015 is published in Allary editions the novel La Joie, by Charles Pépin, where the author and “philosopher borrows from Albert Camus, since it is inspired by the famous story of the Nobel Prize winner for literature The Stranger. It is the same story, but Pépin has set it in the 2000s,” for the review in Le Figaro. The review in the magazine L”Express also mentions it: “Charles Pépin publishes La Joie, a novel whose hero is reminiscent of Camus” Meursault.”

The French Post Office issued a stamp with his effigy on June 26, 1967.


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