Second Battle of St Albans

Bild für Schlachten der Rosenkriege, in denen Lancaster siegreich war.

Summary The victorious Lancastrian army began to advance south toward London. It was led by relatively young nobles such as the Duke of Somerset, the Earl of Northumberland, and Lord Clifford, whose fathers had been killed by York and Warwick at the first battle of St Albans. The army contained substantial contingents from the West … Read more

Henry II of England

Zeitgenössisches Bild von Heinrich II. aus den Evangelien Heinrichs des Löwen.

Henry II was Count of Anjou and Maine, Duke of Normandy and Aquitaine and King of England.

Battle of Mortimer’s Cross

Bild für Schlachten der Rosenkriege, in denen York siegreich war.

The Battle of Mortimer’s Cross took place on February 2, 1461, during the War of the Two Roses, near Wigmore, in Herefordshire near the Welsh border.

Battle of Sekigahara

Sekigahara Kassen Byōbu, japanische Leinwand mit der Darstellung der Schlacht von Sekigahara.

The Battle of Sekigahara was a decisive battle in the history of Japan that took place on October 21, 1600 in Sekigahara.

Niels Bohr

Niels Bohr, Physiker.

Niels Heinrich David Bohr was a Danish theoretical physicist and social activist, one of the founders of modern physics.

Second Battle of Panipat

Die Niederlage von Hemu in der Zweiten Schlacht von Panipat, einer c.

The second battle of Pānīpat was fought on November 5, 1556 between the Hindu ruler of northern India, Hēmū Chandra Vikramaditya – or simply Hēmū – and the forces of the Mughal Emperor Akbar.


Litauischer Großherzog Švitrigaila.

Svidrigaylo – Prince of Vitebsk, Podolsk and Zhidachev, Novgorod-Northern, Chernigov and Bryansk, Grand Duke of Lithuania and Russia, Prince of Volyn.