Odysseas Elytis

Odysseas Elytis was one of the most important Greek poets, a member of the literary generation of the 1930s.

Eumenes Cardianus (362 BC – 316 BC)

Eumenes Cardianus (362 BC – 316 BC) was a general of Alexander the Great, one of the most skilled among the Crown Prince. He took part in the Macedonian general”s campaigns as well as in the wars that followed his death. He was considered the most strategic mind of the post-Alexander era and fought (in … Read more

Nikos Beloyannis

Nikos Bellogiannis (Amaliada, 22 December 1915 – Goudi, Attica, 30 March 1952) was a Greek fighter of the National Resistance against the Germans, a leading member of the KKE and a member of the IOE. He was executed in 1952 on charges of espionage. His trial, which has gone down in history as the ”Bellogiannis … Read more

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