Suhita, also known as Soheeta, was the reigning queen and sixth monarch of the Majapahite kingdom from 1429 to 1447.

Suhita was the daughter of King Wikramawardhana, who had conquered the throne by marrying King Hayam Wuruk”s daughter, Princess Kusumawardhani. Her mother was a concubine, the daughter of King Hayam Wuruk”s son Prince Wirabhumi, who had been defeated and killed by her father in the war of succession at Paregreg.

Suhita succeeded her father to the throne in 1429. She never married and died childless. Her reign is associated with the East Javanese legend of the hero Damarwulan, which took place during a war between the Majapahite kingdom and Blambangan. She was the only ruler of the Majapahite kingdom to rule as a ”virgin queen”, just like the virgin queen Prabu Kenya in the legend, and there was also a war between the kingdom and Blambangan during her reign.

A monumental sculpture found in Tulungagung in East Java, depicting a woman in full royal regalia, has been identified with Suhita.

Queen Suhita was succeeded in 1447 by her brother, Prince Kertawijaya.



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  2. Suhita
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