Battle of Plataea

gigatos | October 29, 2021


Mardonius tried to break the stalemate by attempting to endear himself to the Athenians and their fleet through the mediation of Alexander I of Macedon, who offered them peace, self-government, and territorial expansion. The Athenians wanted a Spartan delegation to hear the offer as well, so they rejected it.

The hasty march toward Plataea may be reminiscent of the Hoplites” rush at the Battle of Marathon; in both, moreover, there had been a prolonged stalemate in which neither side ventured to attack the other. The reasons for this stalemate were primarily tactical and similar to those of Marathon; the Greek hoplites did not want to risk being overwhelmed by Persian cavalry, and the lightly armed Persian infantry could not hope for a favorable assault on well-defended positions.


  1. Battaglia di Platea
  2. Battle of Plataea
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