Angevin Empire

Flagge von Anjou.

The Angevin or rather Plantagenet Empire was a set of states ruled by the Plantagenet-Angevin dynasty.

Second Barons’ War

Zweiter Baronskrieg in England, die Royals auf der linken Seite vs.

The Second War of the Barons was a military conflict fought from 1264 to 1267 between the English king Henry III.

Carl Ritter

Carl Ritter.

Carl Ritter, also known as Karl Ritter, is considered the founder of scientific geography, along with Alexander von Humboldt.

William Morris Davis

William Morris Davis' Porträt.

William Morris Davis was an American geographer, geologist, and meteorologist, considered by many to be the father of American geography.

Paul Vidal de La Blache

Paul Vidal de La Blache.

Paul Marie Joseph Vidal de La Blache, born on January 22, 1845 in Pézenas and died on April 5, 1918 in Tamaris-sur-Mer, was a renowned French geographer.