Minoan eruption

The Minoan Eruption is the name given to the late Bronze Age eruption of the Aegean volcanic island of Thera, which occurred in the 17th century.

Great Leap Forward

Great Leap Forward was the name given to a campaign initiated by Mao Zedong and running from 1958 to 1961, consisting of several individual initiatives to replace and surpass the Second Five-Year Plan of the People’s Republic of China.

Hungarian Revolution of 1956

The 1956 Revolution and 1956 War of Independence, or the 1956 popular uprising, was the revolution of the people of Hungary against Stalinist terror and the struggle for freedom against Soviet occupation, which marked the 20th century.

Warsaw Pact

The Warsaw Pact of 1955, also known as the Warsaw Treaty and officially as the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance, was a military alliance between the Eastern Bloc socialist states formed as a reaction to the rearmament and entry into NATO of the Federal Republic of Germany in May of that year.

Cold War

The Cold War is the name given to the period of high geopolitical tensions during the second half of the twentieth century, between the United States and its allies forming the Western bloc on the one hand and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and its satellite states forming the Eastern bloc on the other.

Cuban Missile Crisis

Summary There were also about 700 medium-range ballistic missiles R-12 and R-14. The Soviet Navy included 25 submarines equipped with nuclear ballistic missiles: 5 nuclear-powered Project 658 SSBNs and 20 diesel-powered Project 629 SSBNs. These submarines and their 650-km range missiles were less advanced than their U.S. counterparts, were quite noisy, and had surface launch … Read more

German Peasants’ War

The German Peasants’ War, Great Peasants’ War or Great Peasants’ Revolt was a widespread popular uprising in the German-speaking areas of Central Europe from 1524 to 1525.

Treaty of Campo Formio

The Treaty of Campoformio was a treaty signed on October 17, 1797 by General Napoleon Bonaparte, commander in chief of the Army of Italy, and Count Johann Ludwig Josef von Cobenzl, representing Austria, at Campoformido, a town in Friuli just outside Udine.

Vienna Conference

The Congress of Vienna held in 1814-1815 was one of the most important conferences in the history of Europe and a milestone in the history of international law.

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