Linear A

The “linear A” is a writing, still not deciphered, which was used in ancient Crete.

Mycenaean Greece

The Mycenaean civilization is an Aegean civilization of the late Bronze Age extending from 1650 to 1100 BC.

Minoan civilization

The Minoan Civilization arose during the Greek Bronze Age on Crete, the largest island in the Aegean Sea, and flourished roughly between the 30th and 15th century BC.


The Lydians, or Meonians, were an extinct people who spoke the Lydian language of the Luvian subgroup of the Anatolian group of Indo-European languages.


The Ionians, or Ionians, are one of the main ancient Greek tribes.

Holy Roman Empire

The Holy Roman Empire was a now defunct political grouping of lands in western, central and southern Europe, founded in the Middle Ages and ruled by a ruler with the title “Emperor of the Romans.