John of Austria

Don Juan d'Austria 1.

Infant Don Juan of Austria, born on February 24, 1545 or 1547 and died on October 1, 1578 in Bouge, near Namur, was a Spanish prince of the Habsburg family – illegitimate son of Charles V – who had a military career in the armies of his half-brother Philip II and was governor of the Netherlands from 1576 to 1578.

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo

Tiepolo, Giovanni Battista - Frescoes staircase of the Würzburg Residence Palace, scenes of the apotheosis of the prince-bishop, detail Giovanni Battista Tiepolo - 1750-1753.

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo or Giambattista Tiepolo, born in Venice on March 5, 1696 and died in Madrid on March 27, 1770, was an Italian painter and engraver.

Sebastiano Venier

Jacopo Robusti, gen.

Sebastiano Venier was the 86th Doge of Venice and is best known for his important role as the leader of the Venetian naval forces at the Battle of Nafpaktos.

Sigurd the Crusader

Die Münze soll die gemeinsame Herrschaft von Øystein und Sigurd darstellen und wird daher auf die Zeit vor 1115 datiert.

Sigurd I of Norway or Sigurd Magnusson or Sigurd the Crusader, King of Norway was one of three illegitimate sons of Magnus III of Norway with unknown mothers, his other two half-brothers being Austen I of Norway and Olaf Magnusson of Norway.

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