Vienna Conference

The Congress of Vienna held in 1814-1815 was one of the most important conferences in the history of Europe and a milestone in the history of international law.

Battle of Navarino

The Battle of Navarino took place on 20 October 1827, during the Greek Revolution in Navarino Bay, on the west coast of the Peloponnese peninsula in the Ionian Sea.


Peisistratus was intermittent tyrant in Ancient Athens, for a total of about 20 years, from 561 to 527 BC.


Alcibiades Kleinius of Athens was a prominent Athenian politician, orator and general.


Epaminondas was a Theban general and politician of the 4th century BC, who freed Thebes from Spartan hegemony and turned it into a powerful city-state with a prominent position in the Greek political scene.

Demetrius the Besieger

Demetrius I the Poliorcist was one of Alexander the Great’s successors, a historical figure in the bloody wars that erupted around the domination of the Eastern Mediterranean territories after the death of the Macedonian general.

Georgios Papadopoulos

ia, 5 May 1919 – Athens, 27 June 1999) was a Greek dictator and the Greek Army officer who led the April 21 coup d’état that overthrew the legal government by establishing a military dictatorship in the country, also known as the Junta of the Colonels or the Hephaetia.

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