About Us

Trenfo – History for everyone

trenfo.com is an information website about historical topics such as Biographies, Battles, Important Events, Cultures and more…

Our mission is to provide objective and analytical information in multiple languages through articles related to the above topics.

The idea started after the realisation that while there may be a plethora of articles on world history topics in a language, for example in English, these articles are largely epigrammatic and offer only a general summary of the topic they deal with.

Trenfo’s team is made up of readers like you who wish to offer analytical articles to other readers.

Our group is constantly growing…if you would like to offer your knowledge to fellow readers you can contact us about it.

Our common belief is that history belongs to everyone. Therefore you are free to republish, reproduce, share any article you are interested in as long as you mention its page (reference).

Students, pupils, teachers and anyone who needs to read or write a history article.